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The Purpose Predicament

Chandra Williams is a Nonprofit Executive at CCM (Christ-Centered Ministries). She sits on the Boards of Los Angeles Mission, UCLA Anderson Alumni, MRI and Saint The Movement, and is fully invested in a strong network of community and faith-based organizations. She loves to see leaders developed, impact engaged and the underserved served, as well as adores her husband and three incredible boys.


As leaders and contributors to our communities, we all possess a profound and innate longing for that transformative "aha" moment.

We all yearn for that unmistakable revelation that declares, sooner rather than later, our true purpose and the destiny of our existence. This deep-rooted desire within us seeks a synergistic connection, an undeniable realization that propels us forward with unwavering clarity and conviction.

Despite being part of an incredible network of talented and accomplished executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders from around the world, I am often saddened to discover how many of these remarkable individuals seemed to be trapped in a cycle of feeling disconnected from any sense of purpose in their lives.  

For most of these leaders, purpose is something they spend our lives sifting through, hoping to stumble upon one glorious day, instead of accepting that purpose is not something to be found externally, but rather something inherently already rooted deep within us.


C.S. Lewis said, "There are far, far better things ahead, than any we leave behind."

As we journey through life, there are moments, perhaps even multiple points, where we begin to unearth our natural gifts. While I believe we should always set out to enjoy the work we do and pour our best selves into every facet of life, with intention, action and connection, we can create unique and endless opportunities in everything we do, every person we engage with, to invest and deposit that which aligns us in purpose.

Our journey towards purpose can begin by embracing the image that is already engraved within us. It is essential to shift our focus away from incessantly seeking external elements to define our purpose and instead recognize the inherent value within ourselves.

If purpose is something we uncover through the tapestry of life experiences, and ultimately something WE deposit and invest into everything we do and encounter, what might that open up in terms of the meaning of your life today?

Through my own experiences, I have discovered that the moments when I feel most connected and aligned with my purpose are ironically when I am actively GIVING, rather than solely accepting or receiving what life presents to me, as is. With each passing day and every breath we take, we can acknowledge our worth and the unique contributions we have to offer. 

So here's to the exhilarating journey of uncovering our true purpose, as we navigate through life with a sense of fulfillment and a commitment to making a meaningful impact.  

Cheers to purpose uncovered for everyone who desires it.



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