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My Story

Nine years ago, when I was first introduced to coaching, I was rocked by a deep and instant calling to helping individuals and teams connect with their best selves.

But I dismissed it repeatedly in favor of more "serious" pursuits, determined to keep climbing the corporate ladder and earn my stripes in a more traditional setting.

When I finally moved out of New York City five years ago and its relentless ambitious churn, I found myself in Los Angeles and ready to officially hang up my corporate, media, and government hats to seek new professional development opportunities and career paths.

As the open landscape of California's start-up culture worked its way into my psyche and an opportunity to re-examine coaching presented itself, I jumped at it, and have been thrilled and delighted answering the call to my life's work ever since. Now it's my turn to help others connect to their own calls to adventure, to their deep purpose and essential self.

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Gia graduated from the Co-Active Training Institute's Leadership Program, one of the world’s oldest coaching and leadership universities, with a certification in professional coaching and co-active coaching (PCC and CPCC), as well as a certificate in leadership facilitation. She has been trained in facilitating Interpersonal Leadership Styles, Hogan Assessments, Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) and leading workshops with teams across dozens of organizations. She  also trains coaches as faculty for the Co-Active Training Institute.


Since 2014, Gia served as the Chief Communications Officer at the Hammer Museum at UCLA, one of Los Angeles' leading contemporary art Museums and cultural centers. In her role, Gia led the communications team and facilitated trainings across the museum to help improve internal communications, employee engagement and departmental collaboration.

Previously, Gia was the Vice President of Communications and External Affairs at the Times Square Alliance, managing communications and government relations for New York City's second largest Business Improvement District and promoting major annual events such as New Year's Eve.


Gia also worked in Edelman’s New York Public Affairs, managing non-profits and corporate business, and served as the Media Director for Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, the second highest elected official in the city of New York.


A native of Seattle, Gia is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University, with a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies. She is a graduate of the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology Program and holds a certificate in teaching vinyasa core strengthening yoga.


She currently lives in Los Angeles where she runs coaching workshops and facilitations. She is member of the Boda Group where she provides executive coaching and group training to clients at Microsoft, Citi Bank, Walmart, Indeed, Pfizer and others.

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