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coaching at work

Coaching helps improve employee outcomes, builds needed skills and confidence, and can help employers reduce employee turnover. Working with an employee’s strengths and resources, coaching can help build self‐efficacy and results in happier, healthier, and more productive workplaces. Coaching can be especially effective for new managers to help supplement key tools and skills as well as high-performing leaders ready to up-level their game and achieve work/life balance.

Coaching and Facilitating in Organizations

Group coaching sessions | Tailored to the specific needs of a team (including work/life balance, self‐care, internal communications, team building, etc.). Serve to equip staff members and managers with skills they can utilize in their professional and personal life, including, leadership skills for managers, effective communication skill building, personal and professional goal‐setting, accountability towards the client’s goals, specific strategies around self‐care and work/life balance. 

Customized team quarterly workshop | In-person facilitated workshop that incorporates the skills of group coaching and equips staff with tools for goal setting, effective communication and improving team dynamics;

content can be tailored to the needs of the group.

One-on-one coaching with senior leadership teams | Bi-monthly 45 min one‐on‐one coaching - sessions with managers. Phone based sessions to accommodate staff flexible schedules, support staff in growth, transition, skill building and transformation.

9 month Leadership Circle | Monthly 90 minute leadership workshops facilitated with key managers to support leader’s growth, adaptability, skill building and transformation. Circle cultivates a team dynamic of trust, innovation, growth and support and develops dynamic trainings and accountability for team members. Curriculum includes:

▪ Month 1: Management 101
▪ Month 2: Powerful Questions, Strategic Thinking and Levels of Listening
▪ Month 3: Giving and Receiving Feedback
▪ Month 4: Introduction to Adaptive Leadership Styles and Peer Consultancies
▪ Month 5: Visioning and Goals Setting
▪ Month 6: Courageous Conversations, Resolving Conflict
▪ Month 7: Shortening the Distance, Action and Accountability
▪ Month 8: Inspiration, Values and Purpose
▪ Month 9: Skills of Acknowledgement, Completion


“Gia's work helped our team land on a clear vision statement, collaborate across departments and really foster a sense of shared purpose.”

— Joe Altepeter, Director of Vocational Services and Social Enterprise

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