Helping leaders get clarity, build

inner wisdom and leap with purpose.

Gia Storms, CPCC
You are ready for change.

Are you lacking clarity about the best way to move forward?
Are you searching for tools to create a new mindset and maximum impact?
Are you ready to up your game and make a shift?
Are you craving more meaning and purpose in your career?
Do you need help fighting procrastination, focusing on priorities and overcoming fear?

Coaching can help.

You will be able to find a place of inner peace no matter what.
You will have a clear vision of what is next and path to get there.
You will feel grounded and confident to take risks.
You will start a daily creative or self-care practice.
You can shorten the distance to make swift progress toward specific goals.


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My coaching inspires clients to imagine their best lives and courageously take the action needed to make it happen. I push clients to shorten the distance between dreaming and doing, arming them with the tools and techniques to create meaningful, swift change in all areas of their lives.


Together, we dare to dream up the fullest expression of that best life – then take solid, direct steps to make it a reality. I work with clients to create the internal conditions for a life free from anxiety, stress, distraction and self-destruction – in short, from the habits and patterns that sabotage progress and meaningful change.


As a professionally trained certified coach, I bring to my clients a take-no-prisoners ferocity developed in ten years working in politics and business. With energy and courage, I hold space for discomfort and exploration, incorporating visualizations, bodywork and goal setting.


My clients are leaders craving balance and meaning, creatives looking to take their careers to the next level, managers seeking tools to overcome resistance and make change happen now.       

After coaching with Gia, I was able to leverage my job into a 47% raise.

It changed my thinking and made me realize what I wanted, and how to get it.

Theresa V

New York City, NY

I can say that her work is truly transformative for those who wish to lead a more meaningful life.

Jen G

Studio City, CA

Gia's coaching helped me develop the mindset to take a step back and look at my journey from a higher level. Coaching helped calm me down and refocus, and particularly the metaphors that we crafted and played out were enormously helpful in focusing my mindset on taking the long-term view and becoming comfortable with taking one step at a time.

Scott S

Los Angeles, CA

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With individual coaching, I challenge you to dream bigger and take risks to courageously move into action and experience meaningful outcomes - whether you're looking for a new career or facing down a major transition.


I help leaders and organizations bring purpose, meaning, and connection into the workplace, building tools and honing skills to clarify goals achieve outcomes.


With 10+ years of strategic communications and leadership work in the corporate and non-profit worlds, I help individuals master the communication skills needed for presentations, branding, interviews or courageous personal conversations.


In a supportive, intimate group format, my workshops offer participants the chance to dream bigger and take more risks to courageously move goals into action.



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