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recordings, worksheets

Average Day in Your Perfect Life | Guided audio visualization, led by Gia - 8 minutes

Manifest what you desire in this interactive visualization. Get in touch with your best future life and access deep inner knowing about where you're headed.

Centering Peace Mediation | Guided audio meditation, led by Gia - 5 minutes

This basic mediation can help you quickly get calm in stressful situations. Originally conceived to help new parents deal with the stress of having twins, this meditation can quickly help bring you back from distress in any situation.


Discovery questionnaire | New client questionnaire, 2 pages

Learn about what motivates you and where you're headed in this two page introductory document, mandatory for clients.

Find your compass | Worksheet, 2 pages

Answer questions to determine your own moments of being in and out of integrity and learn your body's signals for leading you to your truth and helping you make decisions.


Weekly progress form | Current client coaching prep and progress form, 1 page

Complete this form and send it to me in advance of your regular coaching session to track your most recent wins, challenges and upcoming opportunities.


Goals & commitment tracking form | Clients track coaching ongoing goals, 1 page

Complete this form at the start of the coaching relationship to track your goals and commitments for coaching; check in regularly on progress.


Three Ways to Overcome Fear and Navigate Change with Confidence | Guided audio for group webinar, led by Gia - 55 minutes

This webinar will teach you three lasting ways to get out of your comfort zone and lead from your confident self.


Plate Exercise | How to video, 9 minutes

Good leadership is all about deciding who you're going to disappoint. In this video, learn how to prioritize your "plate" - balance competing priorities and say no. Perfect for anyone who feels overwhelmed or has too much going on.

Bag, Better, Barter Your To-Do List | How to video, 10 minutes

Learn how to up-level your weekly to do list, prioritizing and organizing your tasks according to your best life. This video teaches you practical methods to "bag, better and barter" each task on your to-do list, creating the incremental shifts and self-awareness that lead to lasting change.

Freeform Writing | How to video, 4 minutes

Feeling down or full of negative energy? Try out this fast and simple technique to uplevel a bad mood and discharge negative energy with mastertool Freeform Writing. Practice freeform writing once a day for 10 min and watch your life radically change.

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