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My clients are women and men in businesses stepping into their power and finding their voice, high-functioning leaders craving balance, creatives looking to take their careers to the next level, individuals ready to connect with their life purpose.


Current and past clients include: Leaders at Google, Microsoft, Biogen, Walmart, Indeed, Citi Bank, Lockwood, Novartis, Digital Brand Architects, Pivotal Labs, Bloomberg Beta, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Norton Simon Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art LA, Coro LA, Downtown Women's Center, Central City Association Downtown LA, Disney, The New School in New York City, the Hunger Project, law firms as well as various writers, artists and independent consultants.

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If you are seeking clarity...
If you are looking for more money...
If you are ready for change...

Coaching helped calm me down and refocus, and particularly the metaphors that we crafted and played out were enormously helpful in focusing my mindset on taking the long-term view and becoming comfortable with taking one step at a time.

Scott S.

Los Angeles, CA

After coaching with Gia, I was able to leverage my job into a 47% raise. It changed my thinking and made me realize what I wanted, and how to get it.

Theresa V.

New York City, NY

After Gia’s workshop, I saw a lot of small changes start to happen and it's all snowballed into the most amazing epiphanies, opportunities for growth, and connecting with myself.

Jen Y.

Los Angeles, CA

Gia's coaching was so helpful in breaking things down into specific tasks, giving me the confidence to ask for what I want in a way that was structured and concise. Since our meeting, I have movement on press relationships and sales targets, and clarity about who is doing what. After meeting with Gia, I felt in control of my career for the first time, which is huge.

Victoria S.

Los Angeles, CA

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If you are looking for a new job...
If you are seeking meaning and purpose...

She's a spirit whisperer.

Sarah S.

Los Angeles, CA

You won't meet anyone more committed to personal and professional development than Gia Storms. I can say that her work is truly transformative for those who wish to lead a more meaningful life.

Jennifer G.

Los Angeles, CA

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