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Confident Leadership in 29 Tips: How to Lead through Uncharted Territory with Confidence, Purpose, and Energy

In our world today, the situations we are navigating are increasingly complex and we need tools and practices that can help leaders adapt to situations we’ve never faced before. 

In this course I’ll provide short lectures to help you do something new - fast, so that you can immediately apply it to your work or life. The videos in this course are standalone. That means you don’t have to watch in any particular order. Each lecture is short and focused, so if you’re searching for a specific skill or topic that’s relevant for you, take a look through the available tips to find the knowledge you need when you need it.

This course is packed with the most practical, real world tools and tips requested by my clients again and again, and it’s built specifically to demystify leadership and get you leading more confidently today. 

I truly believe that anyone can be a leader and have a bigger, better impact at work and life -- as long as you know a few key tools and tips used by the pros. Think of this course like your leadership cliffs notes, condensing hundreds of books on leadership into the most essential, high-impact tips you can use immediately. This course is built specifically for any professional in any industry at any level who wants to get targeted, quick, practical help to lead with confidence in a variety of situations.

In this course, we will cover: 

  • How to investigate and communicate about your purpose

  • Getting clear about your core values

  • Overcoming old patterns of self-sabotage that get in the way of confidence

  • Prioritizing powerfully to take control of your calendar

  • Leading with curiosity and asking great questions

  • Dreaming and scheming with your team

  • Navigating conflict and giving effective feedback

  • Building trust at work and using the relationship bank account

  • Setting boundaries and applying radical self-care

  • Delivering acknowledgment and appreciations

  • Getting comfortable asking for help 

  • Clearing assumptions to develop deeper working relationships

  • Asking for what you want and deliver clear nos 

  • Creating and executing with less effort 


Each section deepens your ability to lead in new situations: First, you will learn how to resource yourself by understanding who you are at your core - from your fear, to your self-sabotaging behavior, to your personal leadership vision and purpose. Then we will look at how you lead from and with others: The skills of deep listening and curiosity, conflict resolution, boundary setting, and trust-building. And finally we will look at how you make a bigger impact on the world, the people and organizations you lead: Leading to inspire teams, navigating burnout, switch to be situationally adaptive, asking for help, and inspire others to move towards a bigger vision.

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