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Visioning the Future:

Average Day in Your Perfect Life  

Average Day in Your Perfect Life | This guided visualization will connect you powerfully to an average day in your perfect life to come. When I first did this visualization years ago, I was struck by the scent of Jasmine and the sight of stucco walls as I imagined waking up in my perfect life – somewhat random symbols that helped lead me to relocate to Southern California where I now live in stucco home with climbing Jasmine outside my bedroom window. Other visuals that come forth might make less sense: A color you weren’t sure you liked, a person you’re surprised to see, sounds and smells that feel unfamiliar. Trust them all without judgement and register them as piece of wisdom that are trying to reach you and guide you.


Clients I have led through this visualization have seen the man they would later marry, gotten clear about the date/time a significant milestone will happen in their future life, seen a clear image of the home they would live in 3,000 miles away in a place they’= had only ever read about.


Tips for getting the most out of this visualization: Make sure you take your time, listen to it several times, push pause and write any/all sensation in a journal. Get comfortable before you start – in a relaxed position, somewhere you feel safe.


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