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Workshops, in person events and online programs offer participants a chance to dream bigger and take risks to courageously move into action in a small group, supportive format. Workshops can be tailored to pave the way for personal transformation and for change in business and various sectors. Workshops vary in length from 90 minutes to a full-day.

Past Workshops

Shorten the Distance | This workshop guides participants through an effective and immediate process to connect with clarity, envision their bigger game and set a plan in motion for getting there. Participants will walk away with the ability to shorten the distance between when they think of a goal and take a definitive step of action to make it a reality, as well an opportunity for live coaching.

Visioning and Manifesting | Learn how to manifest what you desire through interactive visualizations and practical tools for setting achievable goals. This workshop will help participants set tangible targets and intentions, helping them get in touch with what they really want and build a vision for making it happen over the coming year. Take away articulated goals and a vision map of where you're headed that will help you manifest your desires in the coming months.

Workshop on Negotiation | As women, we're often discouraged from speaking up and speaking out about what we want and deserve. However, research has shown that for women, the mere act of asking for more money during an initial salary conversation can result in more money 49% of the time. This workshop will help participants build the tools and techniques to initiate courageous conversations, negotiate successfully in the workplace and ask for what we want to make our best lives possible. Learn practical tools to overcome fear, as well as initiate and facilitate conversations to finally ask for what you deserve while tapping into your inner courageous negotiator.

Life Purpose | Based on the teachings of spiritual psychology and the tools of co-active coaching, this workshop investigates purpose, meaning and fulfillment in our daily lives. Learn more about leading your best life and walk away with next steps for putting change into action. You'll have a chance to connect in person with other changemarkers as we discuss life purpose and goals. 

Custom Workshop | 90 min customized team quarterly workshop. Workshop content can be determined to help address the tools needed by the group, such as goal setting, effective communication and improving team dynamics; content can be tailored to the needs of the group. 

Just For Coaches
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Coaches Circle | This bimonthly coaching group supports coaches in growing their businesses through utilizing the tools of group coaching to build a transparent, connected coaching community. The group is by invite only, and helps to foster an accountable, connected community of coaches. Each participant takes away practical tools to inspire business growth, solving current challenges in a supportive space.

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