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Negotiation Coaching

Ensure you leave no money on the table, and get what you want

It's time to earn what you deserve.

Everyone needs a negotiation coach in their corner: A sounding board to discuss deal points and dare them to be brave enough to ask for what they really want.

You will never have more leverage than you do at the beginning of a job.

My coaching has helped clients come away with bigger offers, more benefits, stronger boundaries and more upfront respect with employers.

Warning: This process may make you rich and courageous about asking for what you want.

"After coaching with Gia, I was able to leverage my job into a 47% raise. It changed my thinking and made me realize what I wanted, and how to get it."

- Theresa, New York

"After working with Gia, I walked away with 17K more on my base pay, and stocks that will pay for my kids education. Do it. "

- Client (now Amazon employee), 2019
This coaching is great for you if

  • You finally got a job offer from a company you would like to work with, and they want to know if you're ready to accept it.

  • You think you can command a higher salary and a better compensation package, but you just don't know how to negotiate them into your job offer.

  • You're ready to ask for a raise or promotion at work, but you don't know the best way to get what you want.

  • You want more from your current employer - flexible schedule, more vacation, bonus structure -  and you're not sure how or if you can get it.

Through this process, you will be able to
  • Build a strategy for tackling negotiation conversations

  • Tap into the confidence you need to negotiate confidently for the rest of your life

  • Role play your conversation and build out verbal and written messaging points and dos & don'ts

  • Experience delivering a counter offer in a way that leaves nothing on the table

"With Gia's quick and responsive coaching, I was able to feel confident in asking for what I deserved and advocating for myself. I was able to negotiate an extra week of vacation!"

- Michelle M.

Included in the Program

Two 30-min private strategy and planning coaching sessions with Gia Storms, PCC, at the beginning and end of the program to establish clear goals, outcomes and develop the blueprint for negotiation


Initial evaluative questionnaire to identify what matters most to you in your negotiation

Ongoing on-demand strategic check ins via phone, email and text with Gia Storms, PCC, to help answer minute by minute questions

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