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Mentor Coaching Program

This program provides powerful coaching and mentoring for students in the Co-Active Certification Program using the core Co-Active Coaching skills.


Through this program, students will receive

  • Co-active coaching practiced in accordance with International Coaching Federation standards.

  • Powerful questions and tools to help the client act out of choice.

  • Reputable coach training methods drawn from experience and accredited sources, specifically the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

This program is great for you if
  • You feel ready to take your coaching to the next level

  • You want to make a shift into actively designing your life and business, but you don't know how

  • You are ready to get brave and overcome your fear

  • You are hungry for new learning, growth and self-awareness

Included in this program

One 45-min discovery deep dive coaching session to establish clear goals, outcomes and unpack values, laying foundational tools for the work forward


Initial evaluative questionnaire to identify what matters most to you

Saboteur assessment to identify your inner critics and tools for overcoming them

Ten 30-min coaching sessions with Gia Storms, CPCC and PCC, to help forward the action and deep the self-awareness and transformation

Ongoing interim coaching accountability in between sessions via email, text and short phone calls to help trouble shoot areas where you get stuck, celebrate wins and check in on homework

Ongoing on-demand proprietary worksheets including written instructions on how to write Ideal Scenes, how to find your inner compass and how to find your life purpose


Video supplements on how to manage your to do list and balance your weekly plate, authored by Gia Storms

Guided visualizations on to help you tap into your inner wisdom

- Finding your inner leader

- An average day in your perfect life

One 30-min completion session to integrate and acknowledge the learning and set you up for success moving forward

Price: $5,000
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