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Walking Invisible Bridges

6 week intensive for creating powerful change in your world

As we move bravely and boldly into the great unknown of our own lives, how will you forge your path forward?


My own journey walking invisible bridges has taught me that the careers we will hold in ten years have not been created yet. The magnificence of what you can create is directly proportional to what you can vision now about your future, and how much you are willing to risk in service of creating it.This intensive group program teaches you bring swift and meaningful change into your life and the world around us. The 6 modules help participants learn to imagine the unseen and leap into the unknown and lead with purpose.

"This program changed my life. Any chance you have to work with Gia, do it!"
- Program Participant, October 2018
This program is great for you if
  • Are you facing a great unknown – the end of a relationship, a career pivot – but you do not know what is next?

  • Do you catch yourself stuck in old patterns of procrastination and avoidance of the hard things you know you need to do?

  • Are you struggling with your relationships and need to re-orient how you interact with your world so it energizes instead of drains you?

  • Do you constantly second guess yourself and suffer from a lack of confidence when taking on new challenges?

  • Are you hungry for inspiration, purpose, and a vision to help fix what is broken around us?

Through this program, you will be able to
  • Find and clarify your life and professional vision and next steps quickly

  • Build a new blueprint for moving forward in your life and career

  • Learn how to surrender and co-create with what is wanting to happen

  • Practice doing the things that scare you most in service of your dream

Walking Invisible Bridges
Included in this Program

Two 60-min private strategy and planning coaching sessions with Gia Storms, PCC, at the beginning and end of the program to establish clear goals, outcomes and develop the blueprint for change ($500 value)


Initial evaluative questionnaire to identify what matters most to you

Saboteur assessment to identify your inner critics and tools for overcoming them

Six weekly 60-min group coaching video calls led by Gia Storms, PCC, to help forward the action and deep the self-awareness and transformation, recorded for playback

Themed weekly content and curriculum with video supplements and worksheets to walk you through the powerful steps for change:

Week 1: Identifying and Overcoming Fears

Week 2: Visioning the Future

Week 3: Accountability, Action and Manifesting

Week 4: Confidence and Co-Creation

Week 5: Intimacy and Courageous Conversations

Week 6: Practical Tools for Creating Lasting Change

Private Facebook Group with program participants to ensure ongoing interim coaching accountability and develop community connection, celebrate wins and check in on homework

Ongoing on-demand proprietary worksheets including written instructions on how to write Ideal Scenes, how to find your inner compass and how to find your life purpose


Video supplements on how to manage your to do list and balance your weekly plate, authored by Gia Storms

Guided visualizations on to help you tap into your inner wisdom

- Finding your inner leader

- An average day in your perfect life

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