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Eight years ago, when I was first introduced to coaching, I was rocked by a deep and instant calling to helping individuals and teams connect with their best selves.

But I dismissed it repeatedly in favor of more "serious" pursuits, determined to keep climbing the corporate ladder and earn my stripes in a more traditional setting.

When I finally moved out of New York City three years ago and its relentless ambitious churn, I found myself in Los Angeles and ready to officially hang up my corporate, media, and government hats to seek new professional development opportunities and career paths.

As the open landscape of California's start-up culture worked its way into my psyche and an opportunity to re-examine coaching presented itself, I jumped at it, and have been thrilled and delighted answering the call to my life's work ever since. Now it's my turn to help others connect to their own calls to adventure, to their deep purpose and essential self.

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Leading with Badassery

January 5, 2018

Los Angeles



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