Communications consulting and training can help employees move forward to build self‐efficacy and support a a happier, healthier workplace where staff members feel supported to bring their whole selves to work and take risks. Trainings can also help leaders up-level their managerial, communications or presentation skills to find confidence and effectiveness in any situation.

Communications and Leadership Trainings

Improving internal communications | Tailored to the specific needs of a team (including work/life balance, self‐care, internal communications, team building, etc.). Serve to equip staff members and managers with skills they can utilize in their professional and personal life, including, leadership skills for managers, effective communication skill building, personal and professional goal‐setting, accountability towards the client’s goals, specific strategies around self‐care and work/life balance. 


Peer consultancies | In-person facilitated workshop that incorporates the skills of group coaching and equips staff with tools for goal setting, effective communication and improving team dynamics;

content can be tailored to the needs of the group.

Giving and receiving feedback | Bi-monthly 45 min one‐on‐one coaching - sessions with managers. Phone based sessions to accommodate staff flexible schedules, support staff in growth, transition, skill building and transformation.

Presentation and media coaching | Built to assist leaders to gain confidence speaking in front of groups, delivering presentations and interfacing with members of the press. Equips leaders and teams training for media interviews, including mock interviews, best practices for media relations, review of core institutional messaging documents, and advisement in handling sensitive reporter questions. Leaders find out how to access inner confidence and tools for being effective in any/all situations.

Negotiation training | Coaching helps leaders build the tools and techniques to initiate courageous conversations, negotiate successfully in the workplace. Learn practical tools to overcome fear, role play conversations and tap into an inner courageous negotiator.

Working with Gia allowed us to practice negotiation skills and successfully dissolve an important business partnership. She worked with us to find and channel our inner negotiators and gain the confidence that allowed us to go through with what we needed to do with the best possible outcome. We are so grateful to Gia for her guidance and support.

Louise and Megan, Startup Founders

Los Angeles, CA

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