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Coaches Circle RSVP

Sorry to hear you will not make this month's coaches circle!


Check back for more updates about the next coaches circle, and to invite other coaches to be part of this group.


About the Coaches Circle

. his bimonthly circle supports coaches in growing their businesses. The circle helps to foster an accountable, connected, inspired community of coaches by utilizing the tools of group coaching and spurring growth and transformation.


Founded in 2017, this circle is aimed at supporting coaches in the courageous - and sometimes demanding - work of bringing more and more coaching into this world. We aim to bring a new level of connection and community to coaches who want to consciously grow their edge and improve their business acumen. Each circle includes transparent sharing of best practices, a discussion of current aspirations and break for peer consultancies (small group coaching) to workshop real-time challenges.

How to join the circle
  • Coaching circle is by invite only. Members have an active coaching/consulting practice and have received formal coaching training. All coaching modalities are welcome. Members must commit to attending some bimonthly chapter meetings in person and supporting other coaches in the circle.

  • If you are interested in joining, email with a short explanation and join the mailing list below.

Next Circle Date / Location - Los Angeles
April 2019
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